About Us

Golecha Gems ‘n’ Jewels is committed to providing its customers better service, quality and a selection of Certified diamonds, coloured gemstones and jewellery at the best possible value.

Some of the advantages we have over other online Sellers or retail jewellers are the right blend of:

Knowledgeable gemologists

We have knowledgeable gemologists who can guide you to make the right purchase. The people behind include Mr. Chaman Golecha who has been the world topper in Gemmological Examinations conducted by the renowned Gemmological Association of Great Britain (FGA, London). Mr. Golecha was also the part of advisory committee of the Gemological Institute of Amercia’s Gem Research Conference 2009. A lot of articles related to gemology have been published in various journals including the Gems & Gemology (GIA, USA); The Journal of Gemmology (GAGTL, UK); Australian Gemmologist (Australia) etc.

Best Sourcing of diamonds

We source our diamonds directly from the manufacturing units of diamonds from Belgium, Mumbai, Surat, USA etc. At any time, we have access to over 6,00,000 diamonds from around the world. The technical understanding coupled with use of technology gives us an edge in sourcing the right and the best quality diamonds at the most reasonable prices.

No Middleman

One of the reasons why we can give you diamonds at the most reasonable price is because we source them directly from the manufacturing units. The expenses of brokers and middlemen in the chain that others pay are directly given as a benefit to our customer. Moreover, with our business model, we do not have any kind of overhead expenses which other retailers pay for.

Commitment to Quality

We at Golecha Gems ‘n’ Jewels are committed to Quality of the products that our customers purchase from us. We manufacture our jewellery from very experienced workers directly under our supervision. Our commitment is shown our readiness to provide free exchange within 2 weeks for jewellery having any of manufacturing defects.

Commitment to Service

We have dedicated phone numbers and online help for any kind of before, during and after purchase assistance. Our top quality renowned Gemologists who understand diamonds and coloured gemstones are always there to give you the right guidance leading to the best purchase possible.

Designs within Budget

Every buyer has a different budget; however all of us want to get the best within the budget. At Golecha Gems n Jewels, we ensure that we take care of the clients requirements and strive to do it within the budget. Even if one comes across a design from any other source, we can make a similar product within the requirement. Our team of designers and workman will help client to get the most of it.

Buy Back and Trade up policies

Though all products purchased from Golecha Gems n Jewels should exceed or atleast meet your expectations, still in case you are not satisfied with any purchase in future, we would be glad to buy back the product or trade up (exchange) it with any other purchase.

Conflict free diamonds

Zero-Tolerance Policy on Conflict Diamonds. We do not sell conflict diamonds. Conflict diamonds are diamonds that have been sold for the purposes of funding a war.

In accordance with the Kimberly Process, we buy only from legitimate sources that have presented proof that their stones have been acquired through legal means. The Kimberly Process monitors the diamond acquisition process from the mine to the market to ensure that the stones are not taken from war zones, and the profits are used to fund or support war efforts. The Kimberly Process is a joint venture of the United Nations, governments and non-government institutions to make sure that all diamonds are conflict free diamonds.

Golecha Gems n Jewels chooses only to deal with reputable and respected suppliers with an established track record and a transparent process.